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'Not in Calf' (NIC) rates are significantly better.

Karen and Jonathan Martin at Longford Farm in Market Drayton, in the UK used crossbreeding to turn around their Shropshire farm after TB devastated their herd. They made the right decision, and ProCROSS transformed their dairy business.

VikingRed as third breed for profitable business

“Over 10% fat plus protein is the gold standard any producer would be delighted to reach”.

The right cow for the system is lifting farm profits

Super Mario from Denmark

Bringing colour to the pastures of Northern Ireland

“They handle the weather extremes better than any other breed I have milked"

“We have now ended up with a cow that is looking after us like I wanted it to”

“We are happy with the results. It's working well and proving successful for us"

"This scenario equates to a very profitable cow: lower input, higher output"

“We were facing problems that were jeopardising the efficiency of the whole operation”

The owners of TriCross Dairy in California, USA, Tom Koolhaas and Wes Bylsma have 5,000 dairy cows

Gert Glob Lassen and his wife Anne are passionate organic milk producers using ProCROSS cows

“We feel the VikingGenetics breeding programme has just the right balance"

"VikingGenetics cows simply do a better job"

X-Vik, a successful breeding strategy

Knutby Prästgård was named 2020 Herd of the Year in Sweden

The Reynolds' switch to VikingRed has set their profits, their cheese and their lifestyle on to an upward path

“We’d get what we asked for, so we’ve come to the point where we’re using VikingGenetics exclusively”

"The quiet achievers"