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“Sexed semen is a corner stone in our breeding strategy”

“Sexed semen is a cornerstone in our breeding strategy. This means that the genetically best heifers are inseminated three times with X-Vik VikingHolstein. In addition, the 25% best cows are inseminated with X-Vik VikingHolstein two times. We do not see any difference in conception rates compared to conventional semen.

The animals without calf after using X-Vik receive conventional beef semen Danish Blue. The lower-ranking animals are inseminated with Y-Vik beef semen, which provides as many crossbred bull calves as possible for further fattening.

By combining the inseminations with X-Vik dairy breed and Y-Vik beef cattle semen, we achieve the fastest and best possible breeding progress for our future dairy cows, as well as increase our value of the crossbred beef calves.

This strategy gives us the chance to improve the breeding line through high production, health, reproduction, and functional conformation.”

Peter Schelde, Denmark
620 VikingHolstein cows
12,553 kg milk, 501 kg fat (4.0%), 429 kg protein (3.4%)

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