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30 Apr 2021

New top sires in Australia

VH Sparky

VH Sparky is the highest ranking Internationally Proven A2A2 sire for Daughter Fertility at 118.

VH Sparky (VH Suarez x VH Salomon x T Funkis) cow family shows high longevity. His dam is now at 82,000 kg milk in her lifetime and her dam reached almost 120,000 kg during her life.

VH Sparky will give you

✔️ Excellent female fertility

✔️ Natural health with strong hoof health

✔️ Functional cows with high solids

His daughters have great udder depth, teat placement and teat length at 106.  Good calving ease, medium stature and good chest width make a sire that most Holstein breeders are looking for.

VH Sparky profile

VJ Quintana

VJ Quintana continues to amaze with his proofs

With a high reliability of 96% and over 40 heifers classified with an average 84 points by Jersey Australia – VJ Quintana (VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Prima) daughters are a living proof of the sire’s top breeding profile.


✔️ No. 5 on Australian proven list BPI 271

✔️ Reliability 96% in Australian herd test

✔️ Great components: 0.35% protein and 0.82% fat

✔️ Good daughter fertility and mastitis resistance 105


Standout traits for VJ Quintana are great teat length and rear teat placement, snug udders with depth at 107, super muzzle width 105, stature 107, body length 106, pin width 109 and pin set 105. Quintana is the bull to put some frame and body length into your Jerseys.

VJ Quintana profile

VH Romello

VH Romello is No. 4 Australian Proven sire! He joins the cream of Aussie proven sires with BPI 412 and HWI 447. VH Romello (Rodgers x VH Miracle x VH Bismark) is a great production and protein improver for your herd.

His profile combines good daughter fertility 112 with easy calvings 104 and great Cell Count 159. Udders are strong with super teat placement; fore 107 and rear 97 - just where you want them to be.  Udder attachments are strong, and the udders are very snug 105.

VH Romello daughters are medium sized with good chest width at 100.

VH Romello profile

VH Ascari

VH Ascari is an A2A2 sire with good milk +558 litres and positive components Protein +0.28% and Fat +0.08%. VH Ascari (VH Alberta x VH Pogba P x Style P) has a BPI 539 and HWI 574 with very good management ABV values with Milking speed 103, Temperament 103 and Likability 105.

The daughters will have an ideal teat placement and a strong fore udder attachment. VH Ascari also increases rear udder height. He’s also strong in health traits like Daughter fertility 116, Survival 112, Cell Count 167 and Calving ease 102.

VH Ascari profile

VH Heat PP

Do you like calm, easy managed animals that you do not even have to de-horn? Then VH Heat PP BPI 454, HWI 464 is the solution in your herd.

VH Heat PP (Hotspot P x VH Comxa P x Powerball) profile combines good daughter fertility 113 with easy calvings 103 and great Cell Count 160.

VH Heat PP is a homozygous polled bull which means 100% of his offspring will be without horns.

VH Heat PP gives you;

✔️ Natural health and easy calvings

✔️ High solids production from medium-sized cows

✔️ Easy to manage cows with fast milking speed

✔️ 100% polled offspring

The dam of VH Heat PP is a VH Comxa P daughter with production in 277 days at more than 10,000 kg milk and 4.17% fat and 3.56% protein and classified VG87. Her dam is a high producing VG85 Powerball daughter with more than 15,000 kg on average

VH Heat PP profile