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30 Mar 2021

“I am aware of the farmers’ struggles”

Reni Hvam Nielsen is our new Product Manager for VikingBeef. She is prepared to lead a relatively new area at VikingGenetics, one that promises to be an important edge for progressive cattle breeders.  

Nielsen was born in Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark. Her love and interest in cattle arose when she was still a child. Her grandfather had a small farm with around 20 cows and 30 pigs where she spent all her summer holidays and autumn breaks. 

“I have always been among animals, and as a child I thought I was going to be a vet, but then I found out that you can also prevent the diseases and their problems,” she smiles. 

“If you are a vet you are called when the animal is sick, but as an animal scientist you get to choose the right genetics and choose the right diet for them in order to prevent them from becoming sick”, she adds. And it was the second thing that led her to enroll in the university to study agronomy. 

Reni Hvam Nielsen studied at the Royal Agricultural and Veterinary School in Copenhagen and as a part of her degree she travelled to Australia for six months where she also worked in a dairy barn where she did research.

“I had a bit of the practical approach as well as the theoretical in Brisbane, Queensland where there are a lot of beef cows”, she says while explaining that she is also interested in breeding horses and likes to ski with her family.

In the booths of cattle breeders

Nielsen explains that once she came back from Australia and finished her agricultural studies, she started to work as a cattle advisor in a private Irish company, working in the feeding industry. 

During that time, she acquired the skills for how to approach farmers' challenges, and how to explain the facts in a way they can relate to and use as their main tools at the farm level

“I can put myself in the perspective of the dairy and beef producers to help develop their farms”, she explains. “I am aware of the farmers’ struggles”. 

Her understanding of how a multicultural company works best also comes from her years working for an international company with subsidiaries in Europe.

“I know a bit about the markets and I bring this understanding to the table when I am contacted by some of the Export Managers”. 

Right beef bulls to fulfill the demand

As the new head of genetic selection for beef bulls, Reni Nielsen has a very clear mission: “My main task is to make sure that we have the right bulls for the right markets and that we have all the doses that the farmers need”. 

With the inclusion of the beef offer, VikingGenetics is providing a consistent response with its dairy programs.

“The demand for beef bulls is growing, and is growing fast”, she said. “We are focusing on beef bulls that deliver easy calving because most of them will be used on dairy cows”, she adds.

“We need to ensure we use the right genetics on those dairy cows". Easy calving and survival of the calves (vitality) as well as growth are the three main traits for the VikingBeef  bulls to meet the demand. 

The mother of one girl and two boys is confident in the work that VikingGenetics is doing to improve the beef offer in all of VikingGentics’ markets around the world.

“I think that the future will be beef on dairy and with VikingBeef we are ready to provide the best genetics, as we do with the dairy programs”, she remarks.


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