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2 Mar 2021

New Release - VH Heat PP

VH Heat PP

gNTM +26

Hotspot P x VH Comxa P x Powerball


Striving to attain healthier hoofs, easier calvings, and a higher production? Do you like calm, easy managed animals that you do not even have to de-horn? Then VH Heat PP gNTM +26 is the solution in your herd.

VH Heat PP (Hotspot P x VH Comxa P x Powerball) profile combines strong natural hoof health (112) with easy calvings (108) and a good production level with more milk and higher solids (116). He breeds medium-sized cows with nicely attached udders with a good balance. The daughters are easy managed with milking speed (114) and a calm temperament at (110).

VH Heat PP is a homozygotic polled bull which means 100% of his offspring will be without horns.

VH Heat PP gives you;

  • Natural health and easy calvings
  • High solids production from medium-sized cows
  • Easy to manage cows with fast milking speed
  • 100% polled offspring

The dam of VH Heat PP is a VH Comxa P daughter with production in 277 days at more than 10,000 kg milk and 4.17% fat and 3.56% protein and classified VG87. Her dam is a high producing VG85 Powerball daughter with more than 15,000 kg on average

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

VH Heat PP profile