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25 Aug 2021

New Holstein bull available - VH Baford

VH Baford

gNTM +34

VH Barista x VH River x VH Cosmo

Is one of your everyday struggle with poor fertility and bad health on your Holstein cows? Do you want smaller cows that will have a high lifetime production? Then have a closer look at VH Baford

He is the kind of bull that breeds trouble-free cows. Reproduction is good with female fertility 115, calving ease 112 and is recommended to be used on heifers due to his birth index at 109. Health traits are strong with udder health 109, general health 114 and hoof health 120.

His production is around average with high solids (fat% index 123 and protein % index 121) and a good persistency during lactation at index 113.

He breeds smaller cows than average with a frame 85, strong feet & legs (114) and well-attached udders.

This profile will give you long-lasting cows which is also clear when noticing his index for longevity at 132.

VH Baford is a VH Barista son (VH Broback). His dam is now in her second lactation and has a yearly average production of 10,194 litres milk with 4.67 in fat% and 3.69 in protein %. Her dam is a VH Cosmo daughter producing more than 11,650 litres average yearly production and her dam (VH Motto) reaching a lifetime production close to 61,165 litres of milk. He is bred at the herd of I/S Ushus in Roslev in Denmark

He is bred at the herd of I/S Ushus in Roslev in Denmark

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: AB

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