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25 Mar 2021

Innovative technology at your service

Our actions in Research and Development correspond with the Social Development Goals (SDGs)  objective #9 concerning the industry, innovation, and infrastructure.

At VikingGenetics, we have a clear strategy to support and invest in Research and Development, and we have signed various agreements with other research entities to achieve benefits for farmers.

We have a long, strong and expanding background in collaboration with university partners in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. This work extends across VikingGenetics’ activities, from whether to purchase a bull to predicting breeding values.


Research for the benefit of your farm

Most recently, the collaboration has manifested in the CFIT (Cattle Feed Intake System) 3D cameras project where VikingGenetics and the entities involved obtained financial support from the Danish Innovation Fund.

The budget will be utilized to develop a commercial product that can be used to register feed intake individually.

This data can be used to generate breeding values for feed intake and efficiency, which is one of the most wanted breeding values among dairy farmers today.

Front runners’ contribution

Besides VikingGenetics, the project also has the participation of:

  • Grand Solution – Innovation Fund Denmark
  • The University of Aarhus -  Department of Quantitative Genetics and Department of Animal Science
  • SEGES,  Danish Agriculture and Food Innovation Department
  • SIMHERD, develops strategic and operational decision-making tools for cattle breeders.

In the CFIT research project, Aarhus University provides competences within genetics, nutrition, and data analysis and VikingGenetics provides data from farmers with 3D cameras installed.

This collaboration will lead to more resource efficient cows, which thereby also emit less greenhouse methane gas, which is a big concern for consumers. The findings of this research will be passed on to business where the selling and maintenance of the CFIT equipment can generate more workplaces in the years to come.


Goal #9 - Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Through these strategic alliances with highly qualified universities and institutes, VikingGenetics is taking action to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations.

The SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

There are 17 goals that address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

Our commitment to bring innovative tools to our farmers is part of our social corporate responsibility.

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