75 years of breeding


The Nordic Countries have been breeding for health traits since the 1980's, longer than anybody else in the world has. Our bulls have been selected for good health in generations. 

Already in 1982, the Udder Health index was introduced into the total merit index (NTM), and the General Health index was included a few years after that - in 1987. The Hoof Health index in NTM was introduced in 2011, while the data registrations from hoof trimmers 
on hoof disorders had already begun back in 2003.

Because we have had strict veterinary regulations when it comes to the use of antibiotics, we needed to get around the use of antibiotics and this is how the 40 year-long tradition of breeding for health started. Breeding for health would not be possible without a reliable registration system that is the solid base for estimation of breeding values. 

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