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Viking Genetics Mission

To provide sires to the Australian Dairy industry that breed healthy, profitable cows with sound functional type to generate maximum profit for dairyfarmers.


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Peterslund - a hero of his time

Peterslund produced more than 715,000 doses during his life and all of them were sold. He is the bestselling VikingRed bull...       

Handle reproduction in a proactive way!

VikingGenetics is currently running a project where we are looking to implement Scandinavian repro-advise for Australian...       

Understanding VikingRed genomic sires converted to BPI

Viking genomic sires convert to a low BPI score! Why? Read the answer here (pdf-file)       

Genomic test of females on NTM-scale

Get world's best and reliable evaluation on health and fertility traits! Now you can test your heifers and cows in the Nordic...       

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