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Viking Genetics Mission

To provide sires to the Australian Dairy industry that breed healthy, profitable cows with sound functional type to generate maximum profit for dairyfarmers.


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Understanding VikingRed genomic sires converted to BPI

Viking genomic sires convert to a low BPI score! Why? Read the answer here (pdf-file)       

Genomic test of females on NTM-scale

Get world's best and reliable evaluation on health and fertility traits! Now you can test your heifers and cows in the Nordic...       

The number 1 sire - VR Hjusticia

VR Hjusticia remained the number 1 sire in VikingRed with NTM +33. This VR Hammer son was born at Karl-Gustav Karlsson, Sweden.       

The rear udder and ligament specialist - VJ Jura

VJ Jura is out of Langetved Hovborg Tulip, bred in the Langetved herd, owned by Kurt Rasmussen, Denmark. A very famous herd...       

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