Customer testimonials

Sam Graham, VikingRed 


“We have been using VikingRed for a very long time and we are now in the 8th or 9th generation. That’s why I can confirm that these cows are really extremely healthy and that they can calve all year round. They are a very reliable ally”. Sam Graham is the owner of Beaulands, situated on Comerong Island Road, Numbaa in Australia. His herd consists of 500 VikingRed cows and his farm was one of the pioneers in introducing the VikingGenetics red breed in Australia.

Marianne Jansson, All breeds


“We feel safe with VikingGenetics. Viking works on the goal that we like; big focus on health and production. Our strict veterinary rules where veterinarians need to make the receipt for antibiotics makes me feel proud, and we are far ahead in the way we think about antibiotic resistance”, Marianne Jansson, one of the owners of Noltorp Farm in Skara, Sweden, with 70 milking cows, 40 VikingHolstein, 20 VikingRed, 10 VikingJersey. Production: 11,148 kg milk, 4.3% fat and 3.5% protein in an ecologic production.

Aidan Deasy, VikingHolstein


“Health traits are the biggest thing really, I'm happy with my production. I have a commercial kind of herd, so I am not gambling anymore, I am going for the safest option”. Aiden Deasy,  
owner of Ballyheada Farm in Cork, Ireland. with a Holstein herd with 180 cows, Aidan is now looking closer to the traits that can make  it possible to have cows suitable for his milking robots.

Cristian Perat, VikingHolstein


 “We have given the highest priority to the trait Daughter Fertility. We had lots of problems getting our Canadian and American cows pregnant and lack of fertility was the major reason for culling in our herd. And the second most important trait is temperament, it is so important that the cows are easy to work with. As to the reliability of the proofs, that is something that we always liked. The cow is going to be quite as the proofs say, the evaluations are very reliable”, Cristian Perat, who together with his brother Héctor manage the family dairy business Agropecuaria Perat in Catalunia, Spain. They have a Holstein herd with 1450 heads where 820 cows are in production. 

Jorn Mikkelsen, VikingJersey


“I know I have the production guarantee so when I'm selecting traits I like to focus on health traits as strong legs and well attached udders; so you can see that health is not an issue with my cows”, Jorn Mikkelsen in Stenhøjvej, Hinnerup in Denmark. The Mikkelsen’s farm has 99 VikingJersey cows, with an average production of 9,197 Kg Energy Corrected Milk (ECM), with an outstanding 5.75% in fat and 4.17% in protein.