Better life, better profit

Better life – better profit 

It is important to realize that reducing costs, such as reduced work and veterinary assistance because of healthier cows, is equally important in improving profitability as increasing milk yield is. They both have an effect on the profit of the dairy farmer. 
Health is closely connected to longevity, fertility, calving ease. Healthy cows produce more and higher lifetime profit.

When breeding using VikingDefenceTM you are not only improving the three chosen health traits, but improving other traits as well. As an example, hoof health for VikingHolstein correlates 38% with longevity meaning that while hoof health improves, longevity improves too!  

It all works together!

Breeding as part of the solution

In order to achieve success in improving the health level of your herd, you need to approach the task from many different angles. Breeding and the selection of the best genetics is one of the key parts together with careful planning of feeding and management issues. 

Selection of the right bulls cannot be underestimated! Your investment will pay off, as you will notice stable improvement with each generation of cows. 

The costs of health problems and the importance of breeding for better health

Health problems do not only cause pain and distress for dairy cattle, but also have a huge impact on the economy of dairy farms. When talking about how much a certain disease costs, we tend to think mainly on veterinarian and medicine expenses, but forget the crucial part - the indirect costs. Some of the indirect costs that can be overlooked are as follows: 

  • Extra time and labour charges 
  • Fertility problems 
  • Costs of preventive measures 
  • Lost milk production 
  • Culling costs 
  • Genetic impact from losing the potentially best-performing daughters 
  • Bigger risk of having another disease
The prevalence of different health problems varies a lot from farm to farm. No matter what production system you use, or what your current management level is, you can achieve better efficiency and reduce your costs by breeding for stronger resistance to diseases. Once you do so, you can focus more on management strategies to improve your dairy business. Healthier cows mean a better life for you and your herd.
    Source: Compiled based on data from Wilshire et al., 2009; Overton et al., 2014 and the article in Progressive Dairyman