High production with ProCROSS cows on organic farm 

Bengt Svensson is running the Törlan farm in Halland in Sweden. He is convinced that ProCROSS is the best decision that he and Ulf Persson, co-owner of Törlan, took to increase the bottom line of this dairy business. 
For them, ProCROSS, which is the only scientifically proven crossbreeding concept in the world, has confirmed to be the best way to go also on an organic farm. The Törlan Farm milks 270 cows producing 11,300 kg ECM (Energy Corrected Milk) with 4.2% fat and 3.5% protein. 
Svensson has a mixed herd of 50% ProCROSS cows and 50% VikingHolstein. His farm has also given excellent bulls for VikingGenetics’ Holstein breeding programme. 

“We have always been interested in breeding, and we wanted to have more focus on sustainability. We found that VikingRed is a very healthy cow with good fertility and Montbeliarde adds a robust cows to the crossbreeding”, Svensson explains in a video made for Växa Sverige, the Swedish owner of VikingGenetics. 

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