April proofS - VikingGenetics delivers No. 1 Red sire and No. 2 Holstein proven sire

VikingGenetics Australia has delivered the Top 1 Red sire and Top 2 Holstein proven sire for the April ABV’s. 

V Föske keeps his No. 1 position on BPI 

V Föske (284 BPI, April proof run) has been on top of the Red breeds’ proofs in Australia for several years now and has 1,288 daughters in his Australian proof and more than 13,000 in the Nordic countries. V Föske is the most influential, popular and widely used Red sire ever seen in Australia, he is used heavily by Red Breeders and cross breeders, and he has been the cornerstone of a resurgence in Red Breed sales in 2017. V Föske is a very consistent production sire for Red breeders and is providing the crossbreeding sector the strength and the desire for a more robust cow with superior fertility the Holstein farmers are looking for.
V Föske’s strengths are daughter fertility 105 and survival 108. His protein is +30 kg and fat +25 kg with 738L milk. Health traits are positive also with cell count 113, and you can add to that from the Viking system good General Health (105), V Föske daughters have 28% less ketosis and 19% less other metabolic disorders compared to the population average. V Föske has excellent Longevity (118) which 100 days extra in production during the first 3 lactations. 

VH Booth No. 2 on BPI 

VikingGenetics Australia has delivered the top proven Holstein for the April ABV’s. VH Booth (NTM +26) has a firm grip on the No. 2 position with a BPI of 349. VH Booth (Beacon x Planet) with a super reliable proof now with 4341 daughters. 
Truly a champion sire, VH Booth’s strengths are protein and fat kg’s, his protein is +30 kg with 815L milk and +0.16%. Cows are of medium stature with lovely rear udders and longer teats. Health traits are excellent also with cell count 162, dtr fertility 106 and survival 109 and you can add to that from the Viking system positive maternal caving ease 114 and good hoof health 108. 

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