VikingRed is a breeding programme with 3 different 
red breeds; FAY (Finnish Ayrshire) , SRB (Swedish Red), 
and RDM (Danish Red). 

Breeding goal - VikingRed

The breeding goal for VikingRed is a healthy cow with good fertility, easy calvings, functional conformation and high production. The breeding goal is described in our NTM Index (Nordic Total Merit), which is an economic index, ensuring maximum progress for all economically important traits and best success for the farmers.

Breeding Programme - VikingRed
Genomic selection is an important tool in the breeding programme for VikingRed, both to find the best bulls but also finding the best heifers for embryo transfer and get as many offspring as possible from the top NTM animals. In VikingGenetics, we take out genomic tests of 3,000 VikingRed bull calves per year, and the best 100 will be used in AI. We also produce 4000 embryos from top heifers every year. All genomic bulls start as sire of sons before they enter the daily plan. 

The breeding population in VikingRed is over 224,000 milk recorded red cows in the three Viking countries. 

  Breed statistics 2017

  No. of cows
  Milk, kg
  Fat, kg
  Fat, %
  Protein, kg
  Protein, %
  Fat + protein, kg
  Energy corrected milk (ECM)