Available VikingJersey bulls

Breeding values from: 07-08-2018
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Name A2/A2
NTM Sire x Mgs Comment Conv. Sexed Pedigre AU Proofs
+25G VJ Husky
DJ Holmer
Milk and components $20.00 $50.00  
+24G VJ Rodme
DJ Zuma
Available from mid April $26.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+22 VJ Hilde
DJ Zuma
+18G VJ Libero
DJ Jason
+13 Q Hirse
Q Impuls
The sire to improve cow fertility $22.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+12 DJ Hulk
DJ May
Tall,deep cows with great chest width $16.00   AU Proof
+9 VJ Hubert
DJ May
Tall cows with strong frames $18.00  
+8G VJ Zou
DJ Jason
Taller, larger framed cows $18.00 AU Proof
+6G VJ Buzz
VJ Hobart
Well balanced production and health $16.00   AU Proof