Available VikingJersey bulls

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Breeding values from: 02-04-2019
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Name NTM Sire Mgs Comment Conv. Sexed Pedigree AU Proofs
+27G VJ Gislev VJ Janko $25.00  
+22G VJ Rodme DJ Zuma $20.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+21G VJ Lobo VJ Havdal $24.00  
+20G VJ Hian DJ Jason Superb Health profile $18.00  
+20 VJ Hilde DJ Zuma $18.00 $50.00  
+19G VJ Libero DJ Jason $14.00  
+16G VJ Husky DJ Holmer Milk and components $14.00  
+15 VJ Husky DJ Zuma High ranked genomic sire $14.00  
+14G VJ Quintana Nikon P $22.00  
+11 Q Hirse Q Impuls The sire to improve cow fertility $16.00   AU Proof
+5 DJ Hulk DJ May Tall,deep cows with great chest width $14.00   AU Proof
+2 VJ Buzz VJ Hobart Well balanced production and health $14.00   AU Proof