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Daughter fertility index describes the bull’s daughters’ genetic potential to start or resume heat cycle after calving, to show oestrus and to conceive at insemination. The higher the breeding values, the better fertility. Traits included in the combined index for daughter fertility index are:

• Days from calving to first insemination (cows)
• Days from first to last insemination (cows, heifers)
• Number of inseminations per pregnancy (cows, heifers)

Daughter fertility index is calculated on data based from insemination records on heifers and cows from first three lactations. Data is collected by farmers and AI technicians. 
So what does this mean in real life? Let’s take our VH Clark NTM +27 as an example. VH Clark has a high breeding value for Daughter Fertility EBV 130 and for sub-trait Days from 1st to last insemination the breeding value for him is EBV 135. The average number of days for VikingHolstein from 1st to last insemination is 49 days. For VH Clark daughters, this period is only 35 days, meaning you save 14 days! This is around 30% improvement compared to the population average. 

For VH Clark the breeding value for Number of inseminations is EBV 130. The average number for the breed for inseminations in the insemination period is 2.0. VH Clark daughters have 1,79 inseminations – 10% better than average. Meaning that it is more likely to get VH Clark daughters pregnant on the first try than the average population cows. 

Dairy cow’s fertility and health is a sophisticated system where everything is interconnected. To improve fertility in your herd, breeding only for better daughter fertility is just a piece of the whole puzzle. To improve the fertility performance, it is necessary to consider other correlated health traits as well. 

Correlated health traits: 
Longevity 46%
Calving ease 26%
Udder health 15%
Metabolic and reproductive diseases 32%
Hoof Health 23% 

With NTM you are always breeding for better complete health and all interconnected health factors are included in your breeding goal. This way you can be sure of the complete health improvement. 

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