VH Booth - No. 1 Holstein in Australia

VH Booth (Beacon x Planet x P Shottle) with NTM +29 is right now No.1 daughter proven VikingHolstein bull in Australia. VH Booth was born from an embryo that we bought from Koepon Classy family in Holland. The April ABV’s had VH Booth with 747 daughters and a BPI of 329, now in August with 2556 daughters his BPI is a staggering 345!

Based on his genomic proof he was already as a young bull in high demand. He is among the top 10 most used bulls in our home markets in Scandinavia. VH Booth is now in high demand in global markets too.
Strong breeding profile

His strengths are protein and fat kg’s, his protein is +33kg with 928L milk and +0.15%. Health traits are excellent also with cell count 160, dtr fertility 107 and survival 108 and you can add to that from the Viking system positive maternal caving ease, udder health metabolic disorders and less lameness.

VH Booth is in his own league when it comes to production with 131 in protein and 126 in fat. It is important to point out that despite the superior production, he is still positive in udder health (102) and hoof health (109) and average in female fertility (101) and general health (100). Moreover, his daughters have easy calvings (114).

VH Booth daughters are medium for stature and frame, with excellent temperament and with lovely rear udders and longer teats. Udders have strong ligament, and high and wide in the rear attachment. 

VH Booth has good reliability from 2556 daughters in production index, 2318 daughters in health and 875 conformation.
VH Booth influence in breeding program

VH Booth is used quite a lot in our breeding program. “His biggest influence will come as maternal grandsire. This month we find several bulls for our breeding program with him as MGS. Last months there have been five bull calves and more will come during the next months.” - Claus Langdahl, VikingHolstein Breeding Manager at VikingGenetics, comments. We have two sons from him – VH Bennett (gNTM +31) and VH Balance (gNTM +27). 
VH Booth daughter Liana, owners Jukka & Riitta Silpola, Finland

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