Available VikingRed bulls 

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Breeding values from: 02-04-2019
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Name NTM Sire Mgs Comment Conv. Sexed Pedigree AU Proofs
+34G VR Wookie VR Crone Available in May 2019 $26.00  
+30G VR Flake P VR Ejstrup $25.00 $50.00  
+28G VR Viljar VR Faabeli $24.00
+27G VR Wonder VR Vimpula $24.00
+26G VR Fonseca VR Uudin ET $28.00  
+26G VR Vimur R Pellpers $22.00 $50.00  
+24G R Fastrup Gunnarstorp $23.00 $50.00  
+23G VR Faabeli Buckarby $28.00  
+23G VR Vimur R VR Niki $22.00 $50.00  
+22 VR Tuomi V Föske $28.00  
+21G VR Fonda P Hällom Super health traits $16.00   AU Proof
+17G VR Feton S Valpas $26.00  
+16 Orraryd Stadel $14.00   AU Proof
+16 R Haslev Gunnarstorp $18.00  
+15 R Facet R Festival $17.00  
+14 O Brolin Peterslund Australian proven sire with great survival $14.00
+9 VR Hammer Vret Calving ease specialist for maiden heifers $20.00  
+8 T.Miqur Australian Supersire. No 1 BPI Sire $25.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+8G VR Hel P S Valpas $16.00  
+4G VR Helix Nora Prästgård Polled Genetics $14.00  
0 R Bangkok R Alfa Very strong conformation,lovely udders $14.00   AU Proof