Available VikingHolstein bulls

Looking for a specific type of bull? VikingDefence bulls? Or great bulls for Hoof Health? Please see the bulls grouped by their best traits in VikRank! Enter VikRank tool here. 

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To see the bulls divided into different categories based on their trait performance, you will be directed to VikRank. Bulls are selected into eight different categories to fit your breeding goal. There is also an option to customize the breeding goal in VikingCustomized based on the traits that matter the most to you. All the bulls on the lists are top-ranked in NTM (Nordic Total Merit), meaning that all of them are profitable and ensure balance between health and production. Different weights are put on the included traits and therefore the ranking differs from the NTM list.

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Breeding values from: 13-08-2019
EPD List
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Name NTM Sire Mgs Comment Conv. Sexed Pedigree AU Proofs
+35G VH River Penley $26.00  
+32G Reflector VH Osmus $24.00  
+31G Federal VH Gant $24.00
+29G Milford P Balisto $22.00  
+29G Nugget RC Lastyear Available in May 2019 $24.00  
+28G Rodgers VH Miracle Super health profile $22.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+26G VH Galbert VH Blush $22.00
+25 Balisto VH Mandel $24.00 $50.00  
+25G VH Lot VH Rubak $18.00  
+24G VH Bosman Fageno $20.00  
+24G VH Benzema VH Everest $23.00
+24 Predestine D Rom On top in Australia for daughter fertility $25.00   AU Proof
+23G VH Radium VH Booth $20.00  
+22G VH Gofeet Massey $24.00  
+22 VH Suarez VH Salomon $25.00 $50.00  
+21 Beacon Planet Australia's No 1 HWI sire $22.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+21 VH Clark Router Black sire with outcross lines $25.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+21G VH Vesuv Bube $14.00
+19G VH Kasi RC Fageno $16.00  
+17G VH Gizmo VH Op Superb udder conformation $16.00   AU Proof
+15 Oman Justi Exces High components 0.46% P, +0.50% F $16.00   AU Proof
+12 VH Gento Oman Justi Powerful cows, less angularity, more chest $14.00   AU Proof
+8 Rakuuna Ramos Perfect size cows for grazing $16.00   AU Proof
+7 Massey Roumare The cream of Australian proven sires $18.00 $50.00  
+5 Banker Oman Justi Proven Australia sire with perfect components $18.00 AU Proof
+3 DR Chassee T FUNKIS High relaiblility with over 20 000 daughters in his proof! $14.00 AU Proof