Available VikingHolstein bulls

Breeding values from: 05-02-2019
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Name NTM Sire Mgs Comment Conv. Sexed Pedigree AU Proofs
+30G Milford P Balisto $26.00  
+30G Rodgers VH Miracle Super health profile $22.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+29G VH Bosman Fageno $26.00
+26 Predestine D Rom On top in Australia for daughter fertility $22.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+24G VH Radium VH Booth $25.00  
+23 VH Clark Router Black sire with outcross lines $26.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+23 VH Suarez VH Salomon $24.00 $50.00  
+22 Beacon Planet Australia's No 1 HWI sire $28.00 $50.00   AU Proof
+22G VH Lot VH Rubak $26.00 $50.00  
+21G VH Kasi RC Fageno $25.00  
+21G VH Vesuv Bube $25.00
+19G VH Beta VH Bento Super health traits $22.00   AU Proof
+19G VH Gizmo VH Op Superb udder conformation $20.00   AU Proof
+18 Oman Justi Exces High components 0.46% P, +0.50% F $16.00   AU Proof
+13 VH Gento Oman Justi Powerful cows, less angularity, more chest $16.00   AU Proof
+9 Rakuuna Ramos Perfect size cows for grazing $16.00   AU Proof
+8 Massey Roumare The cream of Australian proven sires $20.00 $50.00  
+5 DR Chassee T FUNKIS High relaiblility with over 20 000 daughters in his proof! $16.00 AU Proof
+5 Banker Oman Justi Proven Australia sire with perfect components $20.00 AU Proof
+4 VH Fanta VH Oyvind No 1 Sire for calving ease!Use this sire on maiden heifers! $16.00 AU Proof